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Climate Change Messaging: Avoid the Truth

Friday, April 11, 2014

Should environmental campaigners avoid talking about fearful climate scenarios, even if that's what the science is telling us? Or are we fighting with one arm tied behind our back?

Steve Breyman challenges Nordhaus and Shellenberger’s New York Times op-ed, which argues that fear-based appeals to drum up public support for policies to address climate change are more likely to turn people off than fire them up.

Davey D: Watch out for Judge Elections with this latest SCOTUS ruling

April 3, 2014

DaveyD is a nationally recognized journalist, adjunct professor, Hip Hop historian, syndicated talk show host, radio programmer, producer, deejay, media and community activist, and a friend and inspiration to me personally. Here is his react to the SCOTUS decision yesterday for you to read. ~ Shamako Noble, Green Shadow Cabinet Secretary of Culture.

He wrote this in response to the SCOTUS ruling yesterday.