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Family Should Seek Justice, Not Risk More Injustice From the System

Friday, August 22, 2014

The family cannot rely on the grand jury system or Attorney General Holder

The grand jury process in the United States is rigged for the prosecutor. There is an old saying among lawyers “A prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich.” Of course, the reverse is also true; the prosecutor can also prevent an indictment. The prosecutor controls the grand jury process which is conducted in secret without even a judge present. The prosecutor decides what witnesses to call and there is no opportunity for a defense lawyer or attorney for the family to participate.

In the Time of the Shadow Bankers

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Global shadow banks now control more than $70 trillion in investible assets, according to the Financial Times global periodical.

Political elements of both parties in the USA are eyeing the period after the election, during which the US tax code and general corporate tax revisions and cuts will be taken up. But nothing will happen before the November midterm elections. Jack Rasmus explains why.